0xCamp#2 received an overwhelming 176 applications across NFT, Gaming, DeFi, Infra & Tools across many cities in India, France, Australia & Canada.

Finally, 0xCamp#2 concluded and we kickstarted LaunchCamp#2!

Our Portfolio

The top 7 selected Startups are now in LaunchCamp#2 for the ongoing company building that can grow and scale. Here is a sneak peek of the startups in our portfolio.

1. Blitzcraft

BlitzCraft is a real-time NFT analytics tool that helps you search from millions of NFTs and analyze, visualize and track their metrics.

Daniel Mark - CoFounder, loves building complex apps that need to massive scale. His expertise primarily lies in building enterprise applications on the cloud and architecting SaaS applications. Some of his previous stints include MixSpace Cloud, Pattarai, and Stratforge.
Fabian Ferno - CoFounder, has years of experience building enterprise software solutions, cross-platform apps & many decentralized applications. He has been in the Web3 space for a long time now & has won multiple hackathons previously.

2. BlursDay

BlursDay is a collaborative Storage Solution for Creators (Music, Movies, Documentaries).

Dhruva Vijayaraghavan - Founder, worked Design and Product at Khatabook and RoverX. He's building NFTs that help people earn.

Aditya Yash - CoFounder, is a passionate writer with experience in creating engaging content for brands across multiple platforms.

3. Buk

Buk is an NFT-based hotel inventory distribution infrastructure and secondary marketplace.

Arul Prakash: Founder & CEO, previously COO Polytrade - blockchain-based DeFi platform, 15+ years in Product Development, Blockchain & Strategic Consulting. Ex- Accenture & Tata Digital.

Nikhil Kulkarni: CTO, 2x Founder in Travel & Hospitality industry. 15+ years in emerging technology consulting. Ex CoFounder Darwin Tech, KPMG.

4. Kornerz

Kornerz helps people to have a healthier lifestyle through health and well-being, through their social network, with curated content creators.

Khalil Sautchuk CEO & Founder:

Former professional wakeboard champion, with double Italian-Brazilian citizenship, has a degree in business administration from Universidade Paulista - UNIP, the Amazonian completed his MBA in executive management at IBMEC/MG, Junior Achievement/FUCAPI, empretec/Sebrae, financial management/Sebrae among other complementary courses. He is also Most Valuable Player - MVP - of the CCA Soccer Academy League in the United States - Texas, where he attended the 2nd year of high school. Athlete since the age of 10, the sport helped teach the boy to have focus, resilience, love, teamwork, leadership and deal with failure.

Gabriel Faleri CTO & Co-founder:

Gabriel Faleri, 27, is a CTO of Kornerz. He has a degree in Computer Science from the Minas Gerais Foundation for Education and Culture (FUMEC), has extensive experience in the technology segment, in which he has worked for more than a decade as a consultant in segments such as telecom, aviation, mining, industry, automotive and agricultural in multinational companies such as: the North American Accenture, the North American EcoprintQ Brazil and the French company Reply

Belmond Viga CIO & Co-founder:

Researcher in human development and holistic therapist, Bellmond Viga graduated from Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras - CAL - in Performing Arts, and graduated in physical education from Universidade Paulista - UNIP and has a postgraduate degree in volleyball training and methodology. He is a yoga student, and since 2015 he has been focused on human sciences research. The therapist seeks ancient oriental knowledge with teachers and oriental masters, deve into these Indian experiences and traditions.

5. Kromium

Kromium enables Influencer Marketing Agencies to go on-chain in order to enforce transparency and privacy in creator-agency-brand interactions.

Shivam Agarwal - CoFounder, Ex-Founder - Deckster an influencer marketing agency, where they source and distribute content from our pool of 60k+ creators across 10+ countries

Shivam Agarwal - A technologist with experience in AI, Data Engineering, Systems Design, and Blockchain. Ex-Levi Strauss, Launchpad.ai

6. Safient

Safient - Enables a Secure and accessible way to digital information based on event-specific triggers without the interference of custodial institutions to recover and inherit digital assets.

Koshik Raj - Co-Founder, has majorly contributed & worked in the computer security field. Most of his recent works involve building trustless solutions to make flawed conventional systems better. Author of a Blockchain book

Rajiv Singhi - Co-Founder, has been a corporate professional for over three decades, and now has turned into a blockchain maximalist & web3 evangelist.

7. TickEth

TickEth is a seamless NFT Ticketing platform redefining event experiences! Student Entrepreneurs making a change and impact to build a strong digital economy for the new age.

Varun Sathyanarayanan - CoFounder, is currently an undergraduate pursuing computer science at VIT Chennai, who is ambitious and looking to utilize every opportunity.

Yuvan Arvind - CoFounder, is a 20-year-old budding Entrepreneur, Web3 Enthusiast, and Cyclist.

Sayeeshwar Kumar - CoFounder, is a student of B.Tech from SSN College of Engineering and an Antler India Fellow '21.

Our Programs

1. 0xCamp

3-Week Virtual Incubation Program (Free Program) - Participating Startups get access to Masterclass (delivered by Partners & CoachDAO), and selected startups get a 1:1 Coach assigned to execute on a 3-week OKR. (goals)

2. LaunchCamp

6 mo - Acceleration program. This is an equity program. CoachDAO evaluates & selects startups from 0xCamp (refer to above). Each startup gets 2-4 coaches & masterclasses to execute their startup goals. Foundership provides Coaching, Capital & Community

Our Ecosystem In Action

Foundership Model in Action

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0xCamp is a 3-week virtual program - Founders can be anywhere in the world!

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