The last 5 months have been buzzing at Foundership, we kicked off with our first 0xCamp - a free 3-week incubation program in June and have not looked back since.

Our Programs

1. 0xCamp

3-Week Virtual Incubation Program (Free Program) - Participating Startups get access to Masterclass (delivered by Partners & CoachDAO), and selected startups get a 1:1 Coach assigned to execute on a 3-week OKR. (goals)

2. LaunchCamp

6 mo - Acceleration program. This is an equity program. CoachDAO evaluates & selects startups from 0xCamp (refer to above). Each startup gets 2-4 coaches & masterclasses to execute their startup goals. Foundership provides Coaching, Capital & Community

Our Ecosystem In Action

Our Portfolio

The top 7 selected Startups are now in LaunchCamp#1 for the ongoing company building that can grow and scale. Here is a sneak peek of the startups in our portfolio.

1. Phygitalize

Phygitalize is creating a suite of products to simplify the web3 transition for artists. Our products will ease the artist's creation and monetization journey while positioning them in the best possible manner to make a living off their craft. As a result, we will put Artists at the forefront of the Metaverse revolution.

Shounak: Founder & CEO, previously managed a crypto fun 618 capital with an AUM of $2M and prior to that was a lawyer.

2. Trikl

TRIKL is a mobile-first blogging platform that empowers content creators with data ownership and rewards readers whenever they engage with content.

Shalu - Co-Founder, previously was a consultant at Capgemini and prior to that was a student mentor at IIT Bombay.

Raushan - Co-Founder, also runs a youtube channel Web3 with Roushan and previously was a blockchain advisor at Coin DCX.

3. Unaaki

Unaakiway is a new way of meditating and practicing self-care activities by taking care of a virtual companion called Unaaki in a relaxing and lush virtual environment. Play, pet, feed, and help Unaaki rebuild the lost village of Shambala.

Praveen - Co-Founder, previously was a project manager at Digital Village and prior to that was a mentor of change at Atal Innovation Mission.

4. Recorem

RECOREM enables & curates Web3.0 Jobs at Events using Augmented Intelligence, helping recruiters leverage the massive talent pool of passive job seekers from the attendees.

Vikash Suresh - Co-founder & CEO, previously worked as a senior partner at Redefined Corp.

Pratap Ramanathan - Co-Founder, previously was president at Redefined Corp.

5. Aureal

Aureal is a decentralized podcast creators' economy that rewards members for their contributions and monetizes content without ads or sponsorships. Aureal is specifically designed for audio content creators whose contribution is valued. An Auditory haven for all things blissful where you get the value for your voice because Your Voice is Worth Something.

Shubham - Founder and CEO, previously was a product marketing manager at CryptX financial and prior to that was Vice President at AISEC India.

6. Zoth

Zoth democratizes access to investors providing diversity, ease of access, and immediate liquidity through tokenization powered by blockchain technology.

Pritam Dutta: Founder & CEO, previously was a general partner at Eagle10 Ventures and prior to that Global Director of Digital Ventures & Innovation at Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Koushik Bhargav: Co-Founder & CTO, previously worked in innovation for Anheuser-Busch InBev.

7. Linkdot

linkDOT is building a digital reputation profile for contributors that can be used by any community or organization.

Aju - Co-Founder, previously handled corporate innovation at Smart City Living Labs & Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship and prior to that was a senior associate at T-Hub.

Aadarsh - Co-Founder, previously founded Retro Inverse and prior to that was a marketing specialist at Salesbox AI.

Now Opening 0xCamp#3 Applications 🔥🔥🔥🔥

0xCamp 3 - Powered By Polygon

Inviting Founders & Builders in the Web3 idea stage or just started building to enable them in the right direction.

0xCamp is a 3-week virtual program - Founders can be anywhere in the world!

👉 Apply For 0xCamp#3

Do you know a founder/your connections ideating a Web3 startup or in a very early-building stage? You're most welcome to share 👉 the application link with them and get rewarded.

Check out LaunchCamp#2 Portfolio