Before reading our Q2 & Q3 reports, here are the interesting updates ...

On our upcoming plans

Q2 & Q3 have been good quarters for Foundership.

Here is the Result as of 30th Sept 2023.

--4 Cohorts
--32 Global Web3 Startups (selected out of 550+ applications)
--70+ Coaches. 40+ Capital Partners. 10,000+ Community Members
--10 have raised funding with a $75mn valuation

We just announced our Web3 Cohort 5 program applications, where we are bringing "GenAI to Web3".

Starting with Web3 Cohort gave Foundership a perfect start to create a unique accelerator model.

Web3 is an emerging tech. In addition to Web3 cohorts, we are expanding to start Gen AI Cohort with our unique model in Q1 2024, then the IndiaStack cohort, and then one emerging tech sector at a time.

Our unique playbook is ready to build a Global Accelerator VC for Emerging-Tech Startups for founders from India and the US.

Q2 & Q3 2023 Summary:


We started LaunchCamp 3 Cohort with 6 Startups and 14 Coaches. 6 Startups were selected from 96 applications.

We re-designed our programs for Web3: LaunchCamp as a bespoke advisory program for pre-Series A Web3 startups looking for token launch and business development.

0xCamp: Cohort program for MVP to Traction for pre-seed startups.

We conceptualized BuildCamp as the top-of-the-funnel Idea-to-MVP creation program for developers.

With this, as an accelerator, we support Ideas to Token Listing startups across the value chain of startup building!

We started 0xCamp 5 with 9 Startups selected from 145 applications from 10+ countries. 4 startups from India and 5 from the rest of the world joined the program.

Portfolio Funding

10 startups from a total of 32 are funded (valued $75mn) as of 30th Sept 2023.


We continued to add more coaches with a total of 82 coaches.


We added several partners with a total of 75 for grants and market access for our portfolio Startups.


We continued with 40 cities having Foundership Communities with ˜10,0000 members worldwide. The purpose of the community is to enable Founders to get early-users & supporters while building Idea-to-MVP-to-traction stage supports.

We hosted our 1st Foundership Day Annual event and hosted 2 side-events in Tokyo & Singapore during Ethereum Global events in these 2 cities.


We activated our Software Platform “Foundership Signal” - To enable DIY collaboration among Founders, Coaches and Partners for the Foundership incubation and acceleration program and also for investors to gather signals from participating startups at Foundership. This helped to reduce our operational hassles and increase productivity to run several initiatives.

Do you know a builder or founder who is building an MVP  and considering taking it further?

Let us help them to get going in the right direction! Please refer her/him to apply for the November 2023 0xCamp Season 5 Program.

0xCamp Season 5 Program 👇