Web3 is like the emerging kid on the block, changing how we use the internet. It's moving us from a world controlled by big companies to one where everyone can join in. Things like 'DeFi' and 'NFTs' show how exciting this can be.

But, like a rollercoaster, there are ups and downs. Recently, the crypto world hit a rough patch called a bear market. This made things hard for many new Web3 projects, and some folks lost their spark.

This is where 0xCamp steps in. It's not just another program; it's a big thumbs-up to the world of Web3. Even when times are tough, 0xCamp is on the lookout for cool new ideas that can make a difference.

AI has come on a super timing to speed up high-quality ideas for formidable startups.

In short, 0xCamp is making sure the fun and creativity in Web3 don't stop, finding the best of the best.

What is 0xCamp?

0xCamp is a renowned acceleration program by Foundership for early-stage Web3 projects & startups worldwide. The aim of 0xCamp is to back founders who wish to build a sustainable business from a mere project.

In the last season of 0xCamp ( season 4), we saw an exhilarating enthusiasm for founders worldwide. More than 150 startups applied, and only 10 made it to the end. And the feedback from the founders has been extraordinary. Regardless of the bear market, some founders dare to give their best shot. And 0xCamp worked like a true enlightener for them.

So, what's unique about 0xCamp?

Contextual Acceleration Program with Coaching + Capital + Community.

Get 1-1 coaches as per your context & OKRs: 70+ Coaches worldwide

Expand your network - 32 Startups and 50+ Founders in Foundership Alumni Network (From previous cohorts)

Tap into L1 & L2 Partners network and grants

Get ready to pitch to 50+ Capital partners (VCs)

Get early believers and supporters: With the Foundership Community of 10,0000+ members worldwide

As a young founder, you juggle with never-ending challenges, and the right direction to build seems lost. It's where the 0xCamps come to the rescue.

What's New in 0xCamp 5?

In the dynamic landscape of technology, certain moments stand out as turning points.

This edition of 0xCamp aims to be one such pivotal instance.

Recognizing the transformative potential of AI, particularly when intersecting with Web3, we believe we're on the cusp of reshaping the tech industry's trajectory.

Generative AI, a culmination of decades of meticulous research, when synergized with Web3, can lead to profound advancements.

From AI-powered data compression and storage solutions to groundbreaking work in decentralized computing, blockchain security, and the creation of generative digital assets - the horizon is vast.

At Foundership, our mission has consistently been to identify and foster nascent startups that tackle substantial challenges. Equipped with an expansive partner network and seasoned coaches, we've curated an environment conducive to innovation.

In essence, the fusion of AI and Web3 is not just inevitable but essential.

 With 0xCamp 5, we are setting up a journey to harness the intersection of these two emerging technology.

Benefits of Joining 0xCamp 5

1. Building for Traction:

At 0xCamp 5, traction and execution are key. Participants will be mentored to develop their projects with a clear focus on gaining traction in the market, ensuring that what's built is both innovative and in demand. Traction in terms no of believers, community members, iteration, and feedback.

2. Capital - Access "Get Funded Day": 

Capital is crucial for any startup's growth trajectory. 0xCamp 5 provides startups with an exclusive entry to our 'Get Funded Day', a platform where they can pitch their ideas to a curated group of investors ready to back the next big thing. Along with the Foundership ventures.

3. High-level Networking - Global Engagement Center:

With participants and mentors from across the globe, 0xCamp 5 serves as a melting pot of diverse ideas and perspectives. It's an unparalleled opportunity to network under one roof with industry leaders, and angels potentially leading to future collaborations and opportunities.

4. Groundbreaking Insights from Coaches via 1:1 sessions and office hours:

Learning from the best accelerates growth. At 0xCamp 5, startups will gain invaluable insights from the Coaches who've been at the forefront of their fields, ensuring they're equipped with the latest strategies and knowledge.

5. Leverage 0xCamp Partners: 

Our partners are key industry players, and being part of 0xCamp 5 means you can leverage these partnerships. Whether it's for collaboration, resources, or insights, our partners bring a wealth of benefits to the table.

Eligibility and How to Apply

  1. Willing to build on Polygon and a few more L1s & L2s (single-chain use case or multi-chain use case)
  2. Startups that have a company incorporated or will incorporate within 30 days of the program start
  3. Have at least one Tech Co-Founder
  4. MVP in progress
  5. Received No Funding yet

Apply to 0xCamp now

​Key Dates & Timeline

  • Application deadline: Nov 10, 2023
  • Program starts: Nov 27, 2023

What Founders have to say

Pritam Dutta  ( Founder) - Zoth

Foundership has been an amazing partner in our journey. We started with an idea on a page and foundership coaching and mentoring helped us build and scale a business. I would always recommend foundership for early-stage founders, as Bimlesh & Santosh are both founders who bring their entrepreneurial and scaling experience to the table.

Koshik Raj ( Founder) - ZenGuard

Foundership has provided us with all the tools that an early-stage project needs to take it to the next level such as the right mentorship, networking, and reach. The foundership team keeps adding value each day and pushes us in the right direction.

Aju G - LinkDot

The connections we've gained through their accelerator program have been an absolute game-changer for our growth! Thanks to their unique model, we've experienced an incredible 5x surge in just 10 months. 

The value of the mentors and friendships we've forged along the way is simply priceless.

Like them, many founders have shared similar experiences.


As the Web3 space continues to evolve and merge with technologies like AI and ML, it's clear that innovation won't be taking a back seat, even in challenging market conditions.

0xCamp S5 (Season 5) presents an unparalleled opportunity for innovators at this intersection, offering not just an accelerator program but a holistic experience.

From building with real traction to unlocking vital networking opportunities, capital access, and groundbreaking insights.

With 0xCamp 5, Foundership is redefining the landscape of startup acceleration and inviting you to be a part of this Web3 &AI revolution and massive opportunities. 

Don't miss out on this chance to bring your vision to life, foster meaningful connections, and set the groundwork for a thriving venture. Join us in pioneering the next big thing!