We're sure you have heard NFT / Web3.0 by now! Isn't? There is a huge buzz.

But there is massive confusion too in NFT & Web3 space!

Building anything around NFT & web 3.0 is almost jumping off a cliff and building an airplane on the way down.

First, you have to understand the legal challenges, technology challenges, and what your customers want, then figure out how to develop a product and reach your customers in the most profitable way.

Of course, you will also have to ward off naysayers and convince your cautious friends and colleagues whose risk appetite is not as big as yours that it's going to be ok.

After all this, you will quickly realize that it's very difficult to take the leap of faith without the right sort of network, scope understanding and viable business model.

And as if this was not terrifying enough, the journey of an uncharted territory of NFT, Crypto and web 3.0 can be brutally lonely.

As you decide to move forward, you will have to get the right kind of people on board, know how to build a community and figure out your branding and marketing.

Any rational person in that position would feel fear, uncertainty, and doubt, but as a passionate person, you cannot afford to share these feelings with anyone because you have convinced everyone around you, including your loved ones, that you will make it and be successful.

We know this because we have been there.

And this got us wondering, "What if there is a better way?"

What if experienced NFT, Crypto, and emerging Web 3.0 leaders can mitigate your risks and reduce your learning curve?

What if you had the guidance of other NFT & Web 3.0 founders & mentors to show the way?

What if a network of NFT & Web 3.0 professionals you could tag along on this journey?

All these questions kept us awake at night and eventually sprung us into action to start the "New Business Ideas with NFT & Web 3.0 Cohort Program".

Unlike other NFT /Web 3.0 courses, the Foundership "New Business Ideas with NFT & Web 3.0 Program" is 100% driven by expert founders & leaders designed to help you learn and get ready to apply in your context.

You are an entrepreneur, creator, developer, or business professional.

You want to network with Incredible People around the world in NFT, Web 3.0, DeFi & Crypto landscape. Stay with them in a Web3.0 community space, learn as they progress and explore your business opportunities in Web3.0.

12 Founders & Leaders from some of the finest Web 3.0 Startups are here with you.

Polygon, PolyTrade

Hona.ai, OnJuno

OroPocket, RefreshMint 

PaGaLGuY, GetEvangelized 

bl0xchain, 7

This is a 4-week program for the participants to go through a structured process of learning from

  • Program Expert's playbooks/teaching materials with some guided goals /activities
  • Program Mentor's case studies /AMA /specific Q&As
  • and Guest sessions

You will Learn with Experts Founders & Leaders → Ideate & Experiment with Peer → Be Ready to Ideate /Grow Business with Web 3.0 and NFT → Be with Community Learning → Be a Doer.

What is the schedule of this program?

  • We host weekly live sessions during weekday evenings/weekends with 60 minutes each session.
  • We have 2 to 3 sessions for each week.
  • The respective Program Experts will drive each session.

What will you achieve?

NFT & Web 3.0 Clarity

You will come out with a better understanding of NFT, Crypto & Web 3.0 space to explore your ideas for starting up, trading and investing.

NFT Web 3.0 Plan

Thanks to program mentors and experts, you will be in better shape to plan projects/products.


You will acquire new skills in NFT, Crypto & Web 3.0, understanding of what kind of resources you will need and, most importantly, when you need them.

Web 3.0 Community

You will forever be part of the NFT, Crypto & Web 3.0 community you can turn to when you feel lost.

Apply to be Invited!

This is a high-demand program.

✅ First Come. First Called for Application Review.

✅ We're planning for 40 participants in the cohort.

👍 Program Kick-off: 07 Jan 2022

📅 Program Duration: 4 Weeks

👉 Program Schedule and Calendar: https://foundershiphq.notion.site/New-Business-Ideas-with-NFT-Web-3-0-Dec-21-Cohort-Schedule-Foundership-f6a1b10f41c94060a83e2a38c1c978e8

Apply early 👉👉👉 https://www.foundershiphq.com/program/new-business-ideas-with-nft-web-3-0

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