2023 was Foundership’s first full year in web3. 2023 was a busy year too! Yes, it was a bear market but at Foundership, we had our hands full.

Foundership 2023

The year began against the backdrop of the FTX crash, which saw Bitcoin retrace about 70% to its cycle low of ~$16k price. As we grew, the crypto mood sunk; we launched 3 cohorts in 2023 and brought on some of the best startups so far. Our capital ecosystem saw a huge jump with almost 50 new partners added and a strong funnel of projects to fund.

We ended the year on a high with our first syndicate investment commitment of $100k into Darewise (an exciting gaming metaverse on Bitcoin) and 40 startups in our portfolio/alumni.


  • 650+global startups applied to our 0xCamp - 3-month Incubation program.
  • 40 startups in 5 cohorts. Startup from 9 Countries.
  • 45% funded startups during/pre-program. Few startups are going for a token launch.
  • $75mn in total value of 45% of our portfolio startups.
  • 75+ global coaches part of our Coach Collective.
  • 40+ Global City Communities.
  • 50+ Funding Partners (VCs and Angels).
  • 5,000+ attendees registered for our events.
  • 10,000+ Community members.

Key Milestones

In Q1 2023:

We kickstarted global activities from Dubai with Pranav (based in Dubai), and our Alumni Founders & Partners there.

We launched the first version of the Foundership Signal Platform - To enable DIY collaboration among Founders, Coaches and Partners for the Foundership incubation and acceleration program and also for investors to gather signals from participating startups at Foundership.

We took an office space at HSR Layout, Bengaluru to bring all team members together and also host workshop sessions for our accelerator startup Founders to help them speed up.

We joined and hosted side events alongside ETHDenver, ETHDubai, IVSKyoto,Token2049 Singapore and ETHTokyo.

In Q2 & Q3:

We re-designed our programs for Web3: LaunchCamp as a bespoke advisory program for pre-Series A Web3 startups looking for token launch and business development.

We hosted our 1st Foundership Day Annual event and hosted 2 side events in Tokyo & Singapore during Ethereum Global events in these 2 cities.

Started our 4th 0xCamp Cohort.

In Q4:

We kickstarted the AI initiative to support our community of Founders & Builders. Hosted 1st EmergingTech Meet at WhatFix HQ.

Started our 5th 0xCamp Cohort.

Hosted Founders Huddle with Polygon Connect. Founders loved the event's unique huddle approach.

Hosted as a Community Partner for Transak and Ledger.

We started 0xCamp 5 - Cohort. We now have 40 startups in 5 cohorts. Startup from 9 Countries.

Foundership's Rollercoaster Year of Triumphs, Tribulations, and a Few Laughs

Strap in folks as we take you on a wild ride through the twists and turns of Foundership's rollercoaster year in 2023. From the humble beginnings of startup coaching sessions to globe-trotting adventures in tech capitals, Foundership has certainly kept us on the edge of our seats. In this not-so-serious reflection, let's uncover the triumphs, tribulations, and sprinkle in a dash of humor that defined Foundership's journey.

A Year of "Startups Anonymous" Meetings:

Cast your minds back to the days when Foundership was knee-deep in its first coaching session, surrounded by startups so young they still had their training wheels on. These little fledglings weren't just pitching ideas; they were practically whispering startup secrets at what felt like "Startups Anonymous" meetings. But oh, what a year it's been since then!

Foundership's Global Odyssey:

Fast forward to 2023, and Foundership has become the globe-trotting influencer of the Web3 world. The team didn't just attend events; we practically set up shop at every tech hotspot, from Denver to Dubai, Tokyo to Singapore to India. It's like we've collected tech city passport stamps like badges of honor. Maybe we'll start offering frequent flyer miles to our startups next year?

Web3: Not Your Grandma's Bingo Night:

The real shocker? Web3 is not your grandma's Bingo night. Foundership's success in creating a global portfolio of startups proves that this new wave of technology doesn't care about borders. It's like the rebellious teenager of the tech world—global, unapologetic, and not asking for permission.

A Global Accelerator from Asia: Not Your Average Magic Trick:

What's the secret sauce to Foundership's success? It's not magic; it's the belief that a community of coaches can turn startup dreams into reality. Picture it: coaches huddled around a cauldron of innovative ideas, sprinkling unicorn dust and chanting, "Ecosystem, community, and capital network!" Voila! A global accelerator from Asia is born.

Challenges: More Plot Twists Than a Soap Opera:

But, of course, it wouldn't be a rollercoaster without a few loop-de-loops. Foundership faced challenges head-on, experimenting with initiatives that had more plot twists than your grandma's favorite soap opera. We even tried deciphering the enigma that is Web3, making it more accessible to the masses. Spoiler alert: it involves a lot of community-building, both online and in-person, and a pinch of trial and error.

Partnerships : The Real MVP:

In the world of Foundership, partnerships are like superhero sidekicks, and Pranav deserves a special shoutout for setting up our base in Dubai. Without Pranav, we might still be stuck in startup traffic. Pranav's support was the equivalent of a trusty GPS, guiding Foundership through the maze of initiatives and programs. Some initiatives stumbled, others soared, but all of them were like thrilling rides in the amusement park of entrepreneurship.

Room for Improvement: Because Even Superheroes Need a MakeoverL

As we peel back the curtain on Foundership's triumphs, let's not forget the areas for improvement. Sure, we enabled close to 40 startups worldwide, but even superheroes need a makeover. More focus on portfolio management, progress tracking, and engaging capital partners are on the horizon. Maybe we'll even add capes to the coaches for that extra superhero flair.

Conclusion: Buckle Up for the Next Thrill Ride:

As the rollercoaster of 2023 screeches to a halt, Foundership stands tall, proud, and maybe a little disheveled. We've learned, laughed, and left a mark on the global Web3 stage. With the lessons of 2023 in our back pocket, Foundership is gearing up for the next thrill ride, ready to conquer the twists, turns, and maybe even a loop-de-loop or two in the ever-evolving world of startups and Web3. And, of course, AI.

Our 2024: Web3 & AI-in-all industries is a lifetime opportunity!

Didn’t they say the same in 1999 about the .dotcom boom? 

What happened quickly was a severe burst, and 90% of startups shut; many Founders & Builders moved on to traditional old-world desktop software business, 

but those who stayed back and many new founders & builders arrived to build Web1 and Web2 to the reality: ‘Software has eaten the world.’

That’s the catch! Those who stayed back created the multi-million /billion opportunities.

The same .dotcom lifetime opportunity is back again with Web3 & AI-in-all industries. Web3 & AI are the cornerstones for most of EmergingTech.

In 2024, at Foundership: 

We will triple down our efforts & focus on backing Top Web3 Founders and Founders solving high-quality problems with AI in any industry. 

Our community efforts have already spread in 40+ cities; we will set up a new model to bring benefits (engagement, incentives, and support). 

We will triple down our efforts to kickstart the VC fund to back ambitious founders in our cohorts and also with our capital partners. 

As part of the Foundership Platform, we will launch various solutions to serve Founders for most of their needs.

We are Grateful

  • To our Founders Alumni for their trust in the 0xCamp & LaunchCamp program.
  • To our Coaches for their support and participation in enabling Founders to build in the right direction.
  • To our Community Leaders & Volunteers across 40+ cities worldwide to keep evangelizing Web3 tech.
  • To Polygon Labs for their steadfast support to Partner for 0xCamp Polygon program.
  • To Transak, Shardeum, ICP, Arcana, Koii, Spheron, Unstoppable Domain, Biconomy, Huddle01,Safe, Encryptus, Router, Onmeta and more.
  • To our Capital partners Blume Ventures, M&S Partners (Japan), Woodstock, Big Brain Holdings, Cypher Capital, Momentum 6, CoinDCX ventures, Blockchain Founders Fund, IOSG, NewTribe Capital, Longhash Ventures and more for their time to join demo day and learn more about our Alumni Startups via our PitchLogue.
  • To our team members and partners for their support.

Foundership is Global Emerging-Tech Accelerator VC for Web3, AI Startups. You can learn more about Foundership at www.foundershiphq.com. We accelerate and fund top global Startups.

You can read all our blog post here: https://blog.foundershiphq.com/ and Foundership's 2022 post.


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