2022 was our formal Year 1 in Web3 Journey to Kickstart decades ahead!

The Web3 Decade ahead

Though our Founders & Team have had a play in this space since 2016, we, as Foundership, created a journey focussing on "Web3" only in 2022.

Fresh Start.
Fresh Movement.
Fresh New-World-Model.

Let me share more about our ' New-World-Model' detail. But here are the quick numbers to share

2022 in Numbers

1st Year

2 LaunchCamp Batches - 14 Startups in total joined our 6-month Acceleration program. Batch progress is ON.

2 of them raised/closing funds from 1st batch

3 0xCamp - Our 3-week Incubation program

We hosted 4 Founders Day, 3 for 0xCamp Founders’, and 1 for Founders’ Day ETH India Edition

We hosted 5 'Find Web3 CoFounder Mixers'

Our team strength grew to 8 by the end of 2022

14 Web3 Startups joined LaunchCamp - 6-month Acceleration Program

We hosted 17 Events - Live Show Web3 Tools

52 Coaches in CoachDAO by the end of 2022

60 0xBreakfast meetups - In 14+ Cities (0xBreakfast is renamed as Blockmeet)

410 global startups applied to our 0xCamp - 3-week Incubation program

That's the current year :)

We have 3000+ attendees registered in all our events.

5000+ Community members across Discord, Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more

The Web3 community loved Foundership's virtual & IRL initiatives plus programs!

Fresh New-World-Model for Web3 Acceleration

It takes a village to grow a child and it's a community of coaches, friends, and well-wishers to help a startup become successful.

Hence, we have developed a model where there is wealth distributed to the coaches by Foundership from the equity/token we receive from startups/projects that join Foundership’s 0xCamp Incubation Program & LaunchCamp Acceleration program.

Foundership’s CoachDAO Philosophy: We coach Startups to succeed and co-create wealth in the process.

You will find more detail about equitable wealth creation with coaches and the community at https://docs.foundershiphq.com/our-model/coach-dao

2022 in Months

Jan 2022

Web3 Cohort Kickstarted

We had amazing Web3 Founders & Leaders as Coaches for 30-day Masterclasses.

Arul Prakash - COO - PolyTrade (Now a Founder)
Lavin Mirchandani - CEO - GetEvangelized
George Siosi Samuels - CEO - Hona AI
Sumit Ghosh - CEO - Chingari
Vijay Khubchandani - CEO -7. FishBowl
Arjun Kalsy - Vice President - Polygon (Now Head of Ecosystem - Mantle Network)
+ Polygon NFT Team from China

Arjun Reddy - CTO & Co-Founder - GuardianLink
Saurabh Shankar - Founder - Advisor to DAOs and Web3 Startups
Allwin Agnel - Founder - PaGaLGuY
Swaminathan Jayaraman - Product - OnJuno
Greg DSouza - Managing Partner - bl0xchain
Tarusha Mittal - Founder - Unifarm

Many from the incredible Web3 Founders & Leaders as Coaches and many incredible Founders & Leaders as a participant shared: Let Founder Raise money to focus on Web3 and we will fund you.

That is it!

This Web3 Cohort changed our destiny!

Feb 2022

We stopped everything we did in 2021 to focus only on ONE thing: Web3.

As a result, much of Feb 2022 went into planning the overall 2022.

  • Program Model
  • New Website Copy
  • Business Model
  • Pitch a few Founders to gauge interest

March 2022

We initiated Foundership registration in Singapore.

We attended the ETH Dubai conference!

We got super connectivity across the world for Platforms and Protocols partnerships.

April 2022

We hosted the first-ever Foundership meetup in Dubai. Thanks to Polygon for sponsoring this high-quality curated audience.

May 2022

We announced 0xBreakfast. 0xBreakfast, where web3 doers & believers can meet each other in a totally informal setting - every first Thursday of the month from 8 am to 10 am.

The first one was hosted in Bengaluru


June 2022

We launched CoachDAO. Web3 Founders will succeed when incredible Coaches come together to support their journey. Foundership’s CoachDAO Philosophy: We coach Startups to succeed and co-create wealth in the process.


We announced and hosted the first 0xCamp - IRL format in Bangalore on the 25th and 26th of June.


July 2022

Started Live Show Web3 Tools. With LSWT (Live Show Web3 Tools), we help Builders present their Tools to the Foundership Community of Users, Believers, Supporters and Founders.

August 2022

174 Startups joined 0xCamp#2

  • 25 Startups building Web3 Startups with 1-1 Coach support + access to Masterclass by Coaches
  • Remaining Startups in a very early stage got access to Masterclass by Coaches
  • Founders from Australia, Paris, Dubai, and many cities across India are in 0xCamp#2

We announced our first LaunchCamp Cohort - Top 7 Startups


We signed MOU with BITS Pilani-Conquest 2022 SIGNED. We get access to TOP Web3 Startups and can invite them to the next LaunchCamp. We are also their Web3 Knowledge & Incubation Partner
We received 1st Polygon Grant!
We Expanded 0xBreakfast to 12 cities

September 2022

Santosh attended Token2049 Conf in Singapore

Bimlesh and Pranav attended Smartcon by Chainlink in NYC
We hosted a side-event with Filecoin: Building & Scaling in Web3. Singapore, Marina Bay Sands

We celebrated ETH Merge 😀

We signed MOU with BITS Pilani-Conquest as their Web3 Knowledge & Incubation partner.

We launched a new Website with a super experience. Bhanu led from the front to build this new website.


October 2022

We hosted Founders Day in Mumbai for 0xCamp2

Santosh joined the Web3 initiative by Headstart HSX 2022

We were invited to the Launch of the NASSCOM Web3 Report + India’s Web 3 Potential https://sched.co/1CVrR Bengaluru

November 2022

We hosted Founders Day in Bangalore for 0xCamp 2, attracting over 85 participants, of which 60 were founders.

We Welcomed Pranav to Foundership. Pranav (Head of Capital) is based out of Dubai.

December 2022

We announced our second LaunchCamp Cohort - Top 7 Startups

We hosted Foundership Founders’ Day ETH India Edition in Bengaluru. This was the best community event during ETH India 2022 - Web3 Communities shared feedback.

Sandeep Nailwal (Polygon), Aniket Jindal (Biconomy), Rohit Jain (CoinDCX Ventures) and Shivam Kumar (Sequoia India) and more incredible folks joined our panels. Thanks to our amazing partners Transak + QuickSwap and Founders Yeshu and Sameep, respectively.


2022 Giveaways

To celebrate a great 2022 at Foundership, we are happy to offer these gifts on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Free Web3 Domain for you - Thanks to Unstoppable Domain

Check https://foundershiphq.com/grants to find detailed offerings from Unstoppable Domain

2023 Announcements

Announcing Blockmeet

Inviting you to join your Blockmeet city chapter. Let's Rock Web3 Mainstream with Community evangelism.

36 Cities worldwide on 21st Jan 2023: Web3 Community is hosting Blockmeet.

Free Register: Choose your city https://lu.ma/foundership

Announcing Pitchlogue

Foundership is also happy to launch its second program, “GetFunded” for more advanced-stage companies that may not need a structured acceleration program but want to be a part of our ecosystem to raise capital & access our community.

Beginning this month, we’re proud to present Pitchlogue of all our active deals to our network of investors like you!

To Register to receive our monthly Pitchlogue, click here:  https://tally.so/r/w2j50b

Best Wishes for 2023.

Team Foundership🙏