One big reason that led the internet to adapt to Web3 from Web2 is - the vulnerability of the data.

Today, data security has become more of a necessity than a luxury.

So it’s not enough for solution providers to think just about serving cool functionality and staying loose on the security & privacy side.

Here, Mayur Relekar steps in with decentralized storage, identity, access, and key management solution to help Ethereum-based dApp developers make the Web3 world more secure than ever.

In this episode of Web3Verse - Mayur Relekar, Founder of Arcana Network, sheds some light on how data security and privacy are at stake in the Web2 ecosystem and how blockchain technology is proving its potential to make the internet a secured place.

He also shares his journey of being a founder of 2 Web2 startups in the past, his love for product management, and how things changed as he stepped into the Web3 world.

If you are a tech enthusiast or an Entrepreneur transitioning to Web 3.0, this episode will help you understand the possibilities web3 entrepreneurship can open.

Video Time Stamps -

00:00 - What's In This Episode?
00:42 - Channel Logo
00:55 - Podcast Intro
02:00 - Welcoming Mayur Relekar
02:17 - Getting Into Web3 as an Entrepreneur
06:21 - How Arcana Network Securely Stores The Data?
10:05 - Will Arcana Make Platforms Unhackable?
13:40 - Shifting From Web2 Business To Web3 Model
16:46 - Web2 Mindset For Running a Web3 Company
18:46 - About Product Market Fit & Finding Early Adopters
22:14 - About Open Source Culture In Web3
22:24 - Preventing Competition After Going Open Source
26:58 - How Does Tokenomics Work In Arcana?
33:02 - Building Team For a Web3 Startup
35:22 - Do You Pay Your Team In Crypto?
36:00 - How Does Fundraising For Web3 Startups Works?
41:53 - Conclusion

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