0xCamp is a 4-month early traction program designed for young startup founders building products & projects in the Web3 space.

It's a stage for global founders building in Web3. This is the 5th cohort of 0xCamp. 

The current batch is made possible thanks to Polygon team as a Foundership acceleration partner.

50+ Startups had applied from various domains in Web3. However, only 5 selected startups made it to the end. They range from Creator Marketplaces (Books and Video), Passive Investing, RWA Infrastructure, and Blockchain for social good

You will see a glimpse of what accepted startups are building and how they are shaping the future of the internet.

Our purpose for 0xCamp is simple - helping prototype/MVP-stage startups overcome the early challenges & pitfalls and build an investable business.

While there are many challenges for these startups, one of the most common yet hard ones seems to be early traction, In the form of users, believers, community members, feedback, etc.

So far, we received a whooping 650 applications for all 0xCamp batches, including the current one, and we are just getting started.

With the start of the 0xCamp 5 cohort, We're thrilled to open the application for 0xCamp 6! 

Check out our 0xCamp 5 startups and engage with them. Because, that's how an ecosystem grow.

If you're a young founder building in web3 & want to be part of an elite group of builders and innovators, this is your chance.

Apply to 0xCamp6! More details are below.

Introducing the Trailblazers: 

0xCamp #5 Kickoff

Get ready to witness the future unfold before your eyes, for a new generation of startups is poised to disrupt the landscape with game-changing ideas. 

We're thrilled to introduce the latest cohort of the Foundership 0xCamp Acceleration Program, a group of innovators who are redefining the very core of Web3 and beyond.

1. Raindrops: Reading Reinvented

HQ  - India

Imagine a literary haven where endless shelves overflow with captivating stories, and your own creations find a vibrant marketplace.

Raindrops is weaving this dream into reality, crafting a WEB3 marketplace for books and literature that empowers readers and writers alike.

Discover hidden gems, support your favorite authors, and unleash your inner wordsmith – Raindrops promises a revolution in bibliophilia.

Whether you're an aspiring writer or a seasoned author, this platform allows you to showcase your work to a diverse audience and potentially earn income.

2. Lendr Network: Tokenizing the Tangible


Forget brick and mortar, Lendr Network is building a bridge between the real world and the blockchain. Their ingenious RWA tokenization protocol transforms real-world assets – from real estate to commodities – into secure, liquid digital tokens.

Allowing DeFi investors to easily diversify their holdings, hedge against inflation, and use RWAs in DeFi.

This opens up a world of possibilities for investors, democratizing access to previously illiquid assets and unlocking untold potential.

3. Tale Wallet: DeFi Tailor-Made

HQ  - India

Navigating the DeFi jungle can be daunting, but Tale Wallet aims to be your sherpa. This comprehensive platform connects fund managers and users, offering DeFi portfolio management tools, curated investment opportunities, and a user-friendly wallet. Whether you're a seasoned DeFian or a curious newcomer, Tale Wallet will tailor your DeFi journey to perfection.

4. Cheyni: Web3 version of Netflix

HQ  - France

Get ready to experience content like never before! Cheyni reimagines fan engagement through seamless content streaming and dynamic NFT tools. Imagine interacting with your favorite creators, owning exclusive digital assets, and shaping the narrative in real-time. Their solution empowers brands and creators to maximize engagement, reward loyalty, and build lasting connections with their audience. By offering content-linked NFTs, seamless collaboration with partners, and comprehensive creative services, CHEYNI revolutionizes loyalty and sets the stage for the future of content streaming. CHEYNI is poised to revolutionize loyalty and redefine the landscape of content streaming through our comprehensive suite of all-in-one streaming and creative services.

5. Token Redeemer: Charity Reimagined

HQ  - UK

Doing good shouldn't be a logistical struggle. Token Redeemer utilizes the power of blockchain and AI to revolutionize social impact. Their platform ensures seamless delivery of donations, aid, and rewards, empowering charities, NGOs, and individual donors to reach beneficiaries anywhere in the world with transparency and efficiency.

These are just a glimpse of the brilliant minds who call Foundership their home!

Each startup is fueled by a relentless passion to rewrite the rules, push boundaries, and leave their mark on the world. 

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into their stories, witness their growth, and celebrate their triumphs. 

The future is here, and it's being built by the visionaries we have the privilege to introduce today.

Why Foundership over other accelerator?

  • We're the leading Web3 accelerator for global early-stage startups
  • 650 global Web3 projects have applied to our programs in the last 10 months!
  • 45% of our accelerator startups are already pre-seed funded and valued at ~$63mn.
  • 70+ global coaches from the US, Europe, Dubai, Singapore, and India are part of this program CoachDAO to coach you in executing in the right direction
  • 50+ Capital partners worldwide who are both native Web3 investors and equity investors who back web3 startups.

What we look for in 0xCamp?

We're looking for passionate founders who are in the early stage of their journey with having a prototype of their product ready. Also, called MVP.

Announcing the next batch

We're super pumped to announce 0xCamp 6!
Applications are now open: 0xCamp


0xCamp is more than just an accelerator program; it's a dynamic ecosystem fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth in the Web3 space. 

With each new batch, we see a surge of creativity and determination from young founders striving to reshape the future of the internet.

Their visions are not merely ideas; they are tangible solutions addressing real-world challenges.

As we eagerly open the doors for 0xCamp 6, we invite the next wave of passionate builders to join us in this thrilling journey. 

Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking to transform your dreams into reality or an investor looking to support the next big thing, 0xCamp is where possibilities become achievements.

Together, we are not just building products; we are crafting the future. Join us and be part of the change that is not only imminent but essential.

Apply to 0xCamp 6 today and take your first step towards making a lasting impact in the world of Web3. 

Your time is now. Thanks for reading!

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