0xCamp is a 4-month early traction program designed for young startup founders building products & projects in the Web3 space.

It's a stage for global founders building in Web3. This is the 4th cohort of 0xCamp. 

The current batch is made possible thanks to Polygon team as a Foundership acceleration partner.

More than 150 founders had applied from various domains in Web3. However, only ten selected startups made it to the end. They range from gaming, DeFi, and infrastructure projects to social apps.

In this blog, you will see a glimpse of what accepted startups are building and how they are shaping the future of the internet.

Our purpose for 0xCamp is simple -helping prototype-stage startups overcome the early challenges & pitfalls and build an investable business.

While there are many challenges for these startups, one of the most common yet hard ones seems to be early traction, In the form of users, believers, community members, feedback, etc.

So far, we received a whooping 550 applications for all 0xCamp batches, including the current one, and we are just getting started.

With the start of the 0xCamp 4 cohort, We're thrilled to open the application for 0xCamp 5! 

If you're a young founder building in web3 & want to be part of an elite group of builders and innovators, this is your chance.

Apply to 0xCamp5! More details are below.

Meet 0xCamp 4 startups

0101 Labs
Headquarter: Dubai- UAE

0101 Labs is an emerging blockchain development studio dedicated to crafting immersive gaming experiences that merge traditional and web3 gaming. 

Are you an avid gamer? This startup makes you the main character.

They are putting IP and true ownership into the hands of every player. This means that players can own their in-game assets and have true ownership over them.

Headquarter: Singapore

Gameland is a platform that connects game developers with their players. It provides game producers with a platform to meet players as early as possible. 

It has tools for game guilds that visualize the NFT, achievements, rankings, rewards, and income of each game.

Going Up
Headquarter: San Francisco

GoingUP is an on-chain Professional Reputation Protocol for Talent Management.

Recognizing top contributors in a team is one of the important aspects for any organization to achieve success, along with the performance of individual members. 

 This is where Going Up comes in, they claim to enable companies to easily capture, measure and reward their talent by getting a full picture of key contributions and interactions.

Pistachio Wallet
HeadQuarter: Mexico City

Pistachio is a wallet that allows you to manage your cryptocurrency. It is easy to use and intuitive. 

You can buy crypto, pay friends, and withdraw to the bank. 

It is built on Ethereum and PolygonzkEVM. How it's different from other wallets is, it works on a peer-to-peer transaction model.

Headquarter: Bengaluru - India

Turf is a game infra for gamer's economy. Turf aims to create an ecosystem that utilizes blockchain infrastructure to help Web2 gamers leverage the gaming economy.

 Turf is democratizing esports and making it cheaper, trustless, and decentralized.

Headquarter: Delhi - India

Chaindeck is a data facilitator powering the whole ecosystem.

 They provide indexed data (ranging from raw data, Data specific to Uniswapv3, NFT marketplace data, etc.) for major chains: Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Avalanche. They are the hub for the Web3 Infrastructure.

Headquarter: London

It's an innovative Web3 mobile strategy game, leveraging augmented reality (AR) and blockchain to offer an unprecedented immersive gaming experience that merges virtual and real-world gameplay.

Headquarter: Hyderabad - India

Disobey is Gamified Marketplace for collectibles.

How it works: Play Location based game to collect rare collectibles around you. Collect for yourself or Resell in your network/followers earning great margins. Dress-UP avatars & AR Try On apps like Snapchat.

HeadquarterPune - India

Orbiting is a new-age social media platform.

It is a Web 2.5 platform that gives you 100% transparency in wallet-based transactions with 100% privacy for your conversations, media, and activities. 

You can avail of benefits such as the wallet, digital identity, NFTs, Smart contracts, badges and transactions, and other features backed by blockchain technology.

Why do founders love 0xCamp?

  1. Building for Traction

    At Foundership, we understand that traction is one of the most necessary puzzles to solve, if not the most necessary.
  2. Capital: Access Get Funded day

    0xCamp program sumps with the Get funded day.
     Where founders pitch to notable Web3 investors globally & Foundership ventures.
    Raise capital for ultimate acceleration.
  3. High-level networking: Global engagement center

    As the name suggests, network & build relationships with seasoned web3 leaders, founders, extraordinary coaches & elite investors under one roof.

    Global engagement center spreads across the world. Sans Fransico, Singapore, Dubai, New York, India & more.
  4. Groundbreaking Insights: From leaders & doers

    Get counter-intuitive, hidden insights from coaches who guide you throughout the program. Build and scale your startup with new knowledge, insights & perspectives.

Why Foundership over other accelerator?

  • We're the leading Web3 accelerator for global early-stage startups
  • 550 global Web3 projects have applied to our programs in the last 10 months!
  • 45% of our accelerator startups are already pre-seed funded and valued at ~$63mn.
  • 70+ global coaches from the US, Europe, Dubai, Singapore, and India are part of this program CoachDAO to coach you in executing in the right direction
  • 50+ Capital partners worldwide who are both native Web3 investors and equity investors who back web3 startups.

What we look for 0xCamp?

We're looking for passionate founders who are in the early stage of their journey with having a prototype of their product ready. Also, called MVP.

Announcing the next batch

We're super pumped to announce 0xCamp 5!
Applications are now open: 0xCamp


0xCamp is more than just an accelerator program; it's a dynamic ecosystem fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth in the Web3 space. 

With each new batch, we see a surge of creativity and determination from young founders striving to reshape the future of the internet.

From gaming and DeFi to decentralized solutions and beyond, the startups in 0xCamp 4 have showcased the immense potential that lies within this new frontier of technology.

 Their visions are not merely ideas; they are tangible solutions addressing real-world challenges.

As we eagerly open the doors for 0xCamp 5, we invite the next wave of passionate builders to join us in this thrilling journey. 

Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking to transform your dreams into reality or an investor looking to support the next big thing, 0xCamp is where possibilities become achievements.

Together, we are not just building products; we are crafting the future. Join us and be part of the change that is not only imminent but essential.

Apply to 0xCamp 5 today and take your first step towards making a lasting impact in the world of Web3. 

Feel free to check out our 0xCamp 4 startups and engage with them. Because, that's how an ecosystem grow.

Your time is now. Thanks for reading!