Solving healthcare challenges in India using technology? Are you a Healtech entrepreneur with an MVP or Early Customers or looking to enter a New Segment? Then continue reading......👇

Healthcare is complex

Solving for such complexity requires a good team to solve them. Healthcare traditionally is a late adopter to technology but, Covid has changed and enhanced the need for Digital solutions to manage the complexity in the healthcare ecosystem.

Decision-makers and influencers in healthcare enterprises are hard to get amidst their myriad of priorities. One of the biggest challenges of an entrepreneur is to get the early customer for your product or service.

   There are 2 basic ways to achieve this.

   1. You already have a network and you leverage the network to help open doors for you

   2. Build your network from scratch.

Many of the tech founders, who take a product-first approach, choose path 2. They build the product first and then look for early adopters.

The healthcare industry in India

Healthcare across the world are slow technology adopters of Information technology. But when it comes to surgical care or critical care, they are the fastest adopters of technology

  • In India, healthcare standards are not defined because it is a slow tech adopter. Rather than being governed by the Healthcare Act, they are governed by the Information Technology Act. However, they are barely enforced by state/central governments, but healthcare professionals are required to follow them as a standard industry practice.
  • Healthcare administration in India is a state subject but under the larger ambit of the Central Government policies. Idia spends ~2% of its GDP on healthcare, but all of this changed with covid.
  • Covid challenges made everyone realize that we are way behind in implementing innovations to provide better healthcare solutions and care services to every patient and citizen when it is needed most.
  • Although entrepreneurs have a great ability to solve hard & complex problems, getting access to enterprise customers is a challenging task.


We are driving this change through our Go To Market program, which enables your company to define, plan and execute a marketing strategy with partners and networks within the ecosystem. It will reduce the time it takes to find your early adopters and customers.

This program is for Entrepreneurs and GTM teams who are in Pre-Seed to Series A stage. This is the stage where the product's path to success gets defined.

Go To Market

Every stage of a company and every segment should prepare for a new product launch.

As you prepare for launch, you need answers to each of the questions below.

GTM for Healthcare

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Once you have these sorted out, you will need to think about how to implement these strategies, such as choosing your Marketing & Sales channels and choosing your resources optimally.

Following this process gives you a higher ability to achieve consistent results and not have an unhealthy or unpredictable pipeline.

My GTM Story

When I started building Pharmeazy in 2013, I had a similar challenge. Pharmeazy was India's first Outpatient connected healthcare platform connecting Pharmacies, Patients, Doctors & Pharma Distributors.

The cofounding team did not have access to this network and so we took on a market research activity for 4 months and signed up most of the respondents in Bangalore as our Beta Customers. Post our product launch, only then we started to think about distribution, marketing, and sales activities.

Access to the right mentors during this phase enabled us to think on GTM and execute the plan. This process helped us to achieve 75% coverage of home delivery of medicine to Patients ordered via Medieazy by partner pharmacy stores in Bengaluru in 60 days of launch.

It became very evident that for us to build a predictable business, we needed to have a strong process to support our growth plans. GTM became a standard process.

This enabled us to launch solutions such as Pharmeazy-Pharmacy CRM, Distributeazy-Distributor CRM and Rxeazy-eprescription for Doctors (using Hybrid pen - Digital + Ink) all on a unified platform.

We built out marketing & customer acquisition strategies specific for each product and iterate the process.

Foundership & GTM4Health

We are bringing our network forces together for 15 HealthTech B2B Startups over 8 weeks to create a strong Go To Market plan and execute the plan that delivers results. 🤝

Building your GTM strategy involves, building in detail and executing them

GTM for HealthTech India

 Here's how the program is structured

  It's an Intense program

  Free to apply. We review each application to select participants.

  • 2 Program Director: Bimlesh Gundurao & Shashi Bhushan
  • 10+ Founders & Leaders as Program Mentors from the Healthcare ecosystem
  • 10+ GTM partners
  • Our relationships and partnerships will enable us to leverage our networks to open doors for these 15 startups. 🤝
  • This program ensures that it is not only filled with a lot of learning for first-time entrepreneurs in healthcare but also combines the power of execution or implementation.
  • You get to Learn - Apply - Deep Review - Retrospect - Optimize every week with other fellow founders.

 Who is it for?

  • You are a B2B HealthTech Startup targeting the Indian Healthcare Market
  • Your Startup is in the MVP stage with some early market validation or traction
  • You have an MVP or an early product with growth challenges
  • You have customers and now are targeting a new segment


Are you keen to be one of them? 🤔

 ✅ In 8 weeks, you will create a blueprint and also execute some or more of the GTM strategies. These activities will help you to find your early adopters & customers!

 ✅ An intense 8-week program, where you will Learn-Apply-Execute together, combined with deep 1:1 reviews to ensure you are making progress every week.

 ✅ You also get access to 10+ SME, Mentors & Entrepreneurs across the HealthTech ecosystem

 ✅ Our GTM Partners are across Diagnostics, Hospitals, Labs, Software Distributors, Device Distributors, and SME access to Diabetologists, Pathologists, Cancer Specialists, and more.

It's not often you come across programs that deliver only webinar talks from accomplished folks, but a program that is designed to deliver results/outcomes.

You get to network and build your startup with the right GTM mentors who have a passion to collaborate and create success together.

In each cohort, you will also network with fellow founders and get to learn from each other ad build a small ecosystem around you. You will never feel that you are alone in the entrepreneur journey

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   ⏰ The last date to apply is September 15, 2021. ⏰

   📢📢 Only 15 B2B Healthcare startups will be selected. 📢📢

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