While India is struggling + fighting back to win against COVID, 1000s of entrepreneurs are in their everyday journey building fortunes for India and the world.

In April, we hosted free/probono office hours for founders to hear & get guidance from mentors at @FoundershipHQ

  • A Founder in Mumbai building a remote startup in Odisha (profitable)
  • A founder having investors ready and setting up a remote team from Bhubaneswar
  • A founder has made some money from a successful startup, now ideating what to build next
  • A founder having worked in Apple for 16 years is now attempting to solve a farming logistics startup
  • A founder is converting cars to pods!
  • 2 founders having worked for global companies now ideating enterprise SaaS for the world
  • Building a missing piece around events! For the world.
  • Building a global payment remittance aggregation platform
  • Chartered accountant-to-Software Product, a super team is building a D2C SaaS
  • A founder who failed in an experiment wanted to ideate the next idea
  • A founder has built a super-platform for the Creator economy
  • A founder has an awesome No-Code product for marketers
  • A founder has a branded product for millennials with sustainable technology...green alternatives
  • A founder having lived in USA & UK for 16 years, returned back to India and doing a product in healthcare
  • One of my fav founders is now re-launching 2.0 platform for accessible travel
  • A founder is re-imagining fitness from home solution
  • A founder in Singapore is creating a superb platform for home-based diagnostics
  • A founder in the USA is creating engaging hardware + software to encourage activity-based learning

Thanks to Founders & Leaders mentors Bimlesh, Ravi and Swami.

We will have more founders & leaders mentors taking office hours in May! https://foundershiphq.com/about


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