In one single day, a Startup’s life changes, isn’t?

Demonetization got Paytm’s biggest life-changing event in a single day!

One phone call from Tiger Global to Flipkart founders changed India’s startup ecosystem ever!

We can go on listing such for most startups…

No wonder 30-day is a long time to achieve a lot in a Startup! We at Foundership thought to share a log of how we have impacted a few startups positively in 30 days!

PS note: 👉 We don’t want to reveal details about each startup; hence the following information is anonymous and share on problem statement and achievement only!

Cases how we impacted a few startups positively in 30 days!

Startup 1

What was the ONE business growth problem?

When the startup joined the 30-Day Execution Program, we found they were targeting their product for many customer persona and customized solution which won’t scale. The platform home page copy was confusing to understand!

What did the startup achieve in 30-days?

We suggested doing a growth experiment by targeting ideal customers in the B2B segment.

Founders implemented changes in landing pages and tweaked their sales process to get a few Corporate clients. They got limited success with this.

We started researching possible adjacent markets and found a potential greenfield aligned with Passion economy.

We recommended focusing on the most active users who log in every day and help them get a side-income from their passion.

Founders could realize a much bigger game and now they have Clarity, Focus, and Direction to execute this customer segment. ✌️

Startup 2

What was the ONE business growth problem?

Founders are bootstrapping and offer a niche product. When they came for the 30-day program, founders had already served several customers (in trial plan) but lacked clarity in establishing ‘key values’ for the customer.

What did the startup achieve in 30-days?

We analyzed and agreed: This is a time for the founders to solve PS-Fit. Founders need to do a detailed ICP analysis, taking existing customers into account and find an early market fit. Launch landing pages to outreach ideal customers and gather inputs. 🔆

By the end of the 4-week program, Founders were achieving results like

  • identified missing pieces in the value proposition
  • identified key components to add in the product offering that will increase usage (daily/weekly)
  • established clear separation of DIY /DIFM product and a higher pricing for premium customers
  • customer acquisition channel experiments

Startup 3

What was the ONE business growth problem?

This startup was getting stuck in several areas such as positioning, acquiring wrong customers, low priced product, and India only market.

What did the startup achieve in 30-days?

We analyzed and picked experiments to solve

  • Positioning & Website/Landing Page Copy
  • Strategy and tactics to acquire ideal customers
  • Product roadmap

By the end of the 4-week program:🙌

  • We wrote their landing pages copy
  • Founders started surveying ideal customers
  • Founders launched landing pages with a focus to acquire high-value customers
  • Founders saw a big opportunity to go global with 10x higher revenue opportunities

Startup 4

What was the ONE business growth problem?

An IT Services company where the founders lacked any prior experience of building, launching, and scaling a product business needed help and support to structure their thinking and understand the market size, which customer segment to sell, and willingness to pay.

What did the startup achieve in 30-days? 👣

They achieved clarity in setting up a separate P&L Business unit to track all investments and expenditures. They got direction on operationalizing this business with the right team, skills and market analysis amongst their existing customers. They discovered several ICPs in their existing customers (past and current) for a potential set of early adopters/beta customers!

Startup 5

What was the ONE business growth problem?

The startup has early growth but had functional challenges such as keeping the product development in sync with the market demand. Lots of users were requesting features, which the platform could not provide and that constrained growth. Founder could not hire team members or give proper direction to current team as to what needs to be built to achieve company goals.

What did the startup achieve in 30-days?⛳️

We agreed to set up a Product feature prioritization roadmap, which gives clear visibility to the team as to which features need to be built in which sprint. The founder was able to create a product management process document with help from the Foundership Team. The founder could quickly rally his team to work on meaningful and urgent features.

This gave them clarity and timelines in which they can complete software development of the features needed. Plus, this product management clarity enabled the founder to grow faster for upcoming iterations.

Startup 6

What was the ONE business growth problem?

The startup had a challenge in describing who they are and who they should sell to! Their initial customers were using the solution for a different use case and founders realized that market has limitations.

What did the startup achieve in 30-days?👍

We worked to define their new positioning, which encapsulates both value proposition and messaging. The founders achieved results such as understand their customer needs and tasks, determine the value proposition and why people should care about their product from both internal and stakeholders.

Startups in Foundership’s 30-Day Execution Program in Feb 2021 Cohort

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