Hope you are unstoppable. 👋

Team Foundership had an unstoppable July too!🙏

Here are a few updates to share with you all.🔆

First 0xCamp Bengaluru - 3-Week Incubation program completed. 18 Web3 Startups participated + 6 Coaches.

Out of 18, a few top Web3 Startups will join the 6-month LaunchCamp Acceleration Program.

We got super feedback! Happy with Founders! Happy Coaches too! Added 9 more coaches to CoachDAO: 46 in total. Want to apply/refer a Coach to join CoachDAO? Please share👉 https://tally.so/r/w7GaRw

And, we moved to NCR with the Second 0xCamp. 14 Web3 Startups participated.

We learned the model that worked in Bengaluru (Indiranagar) needs simplification. This gave birth to 0xCamp Version 2.0

We're now taking 0xCamps version 2.0 to 6 cities in India + Dubai + a Global program for any city & country.

Are you curious about what we learned while hosting 0xCamp? Here is a detailed blog post. 👈

If you would like to refer a team that is ideating a web3 startup and just starting to build, you're most welcome to share the 0xCamp application form 👉 https://tally.so/r/3lbNRk with them! Thanks!

Hold on! 

We believe in distributing wealth. Hence, we started 0xScout - We will reward 0xScouts with Tokens/NFT for each startup selected for the LaunchCamp program with your reference. 

· · ·

I'm sure you have heard repeatedly "Web3 is looking for problems" and show me some products!

We heard it too. And, we started hosting Live Show Web3 Tools every Thursday - Web3 Founders/Team presenting their tool to this 1000+ Community members to learn and use tools. 

You're most welcome to join the ship! RSVP👉 https://lu.ma/lsw3t

· · ·

We all want to get out to real life beyond the computers. Just meet fellow folks! Several City hosts made it possible: Hosted 6 cities 0xBreakfast with 300+ Web3 Founders, Builders and Ecosystem enablers.

But all this won't have been possible without the ecosystem of believers and partners.

In addition to super support by Polygon and Arcana Network, we added ONMETA & Router Protocol as Partners - Two prolific Platform and Protocols.

What's a community if we can't support more communities? 

We invited new community partners, Superwomen DAO & Web3Learn. 6 partners in total, including OGClub, Headstart, eChai Ventures and Xperian.

But all this magic won't be possible without the love and support from Foundership Community Hosts. 

6 Community managers + 32 Hosts across 12 cities + more coordinators + Team Foundership have worked hard and cared for all the activities. 🙏

Always, Thankful for the support. To Community Hosts. 💜

Please feel free to share feedback &/ about Foundership with your connections.