There are several challenges for Web3 Projects: 👇

Standing out in a Crowded Market, Building a Strong Community, Tokenomics, Exchange Partnerships, KOLs, Token Fundraising, Market Makers, Legal Structuring, Entity Setup and more.

Here are the 3 cases of Web3 Startups/projects we are looking to work with and enable them to launch tokens in the 0xCamp - Token Launch Ready program.

Project Cases and Challenges for Token Launch

1. Project - Case A

Startup project with:

Existing investors (including institutional)
Product Live with Revenue
Users Acquired
Existing Community

Challenges: Build a super narrative. Legal and compliance. Launch a high-value project token. Navigate the token launch by bringing in a new set of investors.

2. Project - Case B

Startup project with:

Angel Investors
Pre Product & Pre Revenue
Early community

Challenges: Build a super narrative. Tokenomics. Growing community engagement and initiatives. Partnership traction. Launch a high-value project token.

3. Project - Case C

Startup project with:

Existing token
Low market cap

50% circulating supply
Existing product with traction
Existing community
Existing holders >3k

Challenges: Re-strategize. Find Next path. Build a super narrative. Align existing token holders. New Tokenomics. New partnership. Renew community engagement and initiatives. Partnership traction. Launch a high-value project token.

💡 Foundership's 0xCamp - Token Launch Ready Program accelerates all the above cases for a successful token launch ready with a $100k investment.

Solution for Token Launch Challenges

Foundership has been advising high-value projects in the bear market to prepare them for a token launch. Three of our projects are getting ready to launch tokens in Q2 and Q3.

11 startups (25% of our total startups) in our portfolio are currently valued at $200 million. This is as of April 2024.

We have built a high-action network of partners to speed up our projects in the right direction & reduce time and experiment.

We are now bringing this high-action network of partners to our flagship 0xCamp program:
Market Makers
Exchange Listing
Marketing & Social media
Platform Protocol
Community Partner

With a specific goal of getting token launch ready in 3 months, 0xCamp - Token Launch program is a perfect amalgamation to enable each Lego block to come together to get you ready.

Fastest Acceleration

Surround yourself with global founders and leaders as coaches, market makers, tokenomics experts, KOLs, marketing partners, and much more to accelerate the fastest.

Token Launch Focus

Successfully launch your project token with our expertise in tokenomics, launch strategy, community building and partner network.

Get $100k Investment

We work with top projects that will make an impact over the decades. Get token launch ready and get the $100,000 investment.

About Foundership

  • We're the leading Web3 accelerator for global early-stage startups
  • 650 global Web3 projects have applied to our programs in the last 10 months
  • 40 startups are in our cohort programs
  • 25% of our accelerator startups are already pre-seed funded and valued at ~$200mn
  • 70+ global coaches from the US, Europe, Dubai, Singapore, and India are part of this program CoachDAO to coach you in executing in the right direction
  • 50+ Capital partners worldwide who are both native Web3 investors and equity investors who back web3 startups.

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