The government recognized over 5,000 new startups in Delhi-NCR compared to 4,514 startups in Bengaluru between April 2019 and December 2021 - Data by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT).

NCR is home to super startup success and many startup IPOs!

How can Web3 Startups be left behind in NCR?

Here is an emerging list of Web3 Startups from NCR....

Spherium Finance
The Coin Weekly
Zo Zo


Thanks to Bliv.Club Community for sharing the above list.

You see the trend! The Web3 trend.

PS note: The founders are from NCR but companies might be registered elsewhere. 

Web3 Startups from NCR are bound to grow to make a super impact worldwide.
Social Web3
Consumer Products
and more

It is easy to launch a Startup!

However, the first 12-24 months of a startup are critical. Unfortunately, more than 90% of startups fail in execution as they miss out on finding the right direction.

Not having support during the idea to the early-building stage to choose the right problem, Technology, market, early validations and more factors add to the fact that 90% of startups fail in execution.

Failing in a Startup is the costliest problem for a Founder. Founders are the last man standing. 

We have run businesses for decades. So we knew the practical problems to solve this.

We ran several cohorts to help Founders & Leaders learn web3. But the frequent question: How to Launch a Web3 Startup?

Bringing the best way to Launch a Web3 Startup - 0xCamp by Foundership.

What's 0xCamp?

0xCamp - Launch Web3 Startup.

0xCamp is a 3-week program to Launch your Web3 Startup. Whether you are in the idea stage or just started building, 0xCamp is for you.

We host the 0xCamp program with masterclasses by Top Web3 Coaches in your city for 1-day and the remaining 3-week on virtual sessions.

It is FREE.

Who are the Coaches?
We curate successful Web3 founders & leaders who have scaled their business to bring the discipline, performance mindset and execution power to you to grow your startup. They are fighters, survivors and winners.

Coaches are from Arcana Network, Polygon, OnMeta, Router Protocol, Persistence, OROPocket, Gnosis Safe, and more.

0xCamp is getting amazing feedback from founders & builders👇

0xCamp NCR starts on 30th July. 👈

One-day in-person camp + 3-week virtual camp.

  • 1-Day - IRL
    Masterclasses by Top Web3 Founders & Coaches
    1:1 Project review​
    Meet & Greet: CoachDAO and Web3 Teams​
    Networking with Web3 Folks in the city
  • 3-Week - IVL - 2 to 3 sessions per week
    Coach Review - Dedicated Coach per Startup
    Business Model & Tokenomics
    Marketing, Community & Product
    Idea, Market, Customer & Competition
    Closure Ceremony - Share Experiences
    Selection of top Web3 teams for LaunchCamp

There will be a full-day camp to help you refine your Web3 idea in the right direction.

Several masterclasses by coaches from Polygon, OnMeta, Arcana, Persistence and more.

Meet Coaches.

Meet Founders & Builders.

Move Forward.

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