There is still a lot of confusion about how things in Web 3.0 function and how Entrepreneurs can make use of it to bring change in the real world.

When we say - NFTs, Cryptos and DeFi, there is a general impression that these instruments must be significant only in the virtual world.

But Prabir Mishra in this episode of Web3Verse erases this notion and throws light on how the blockchain technology is not limited to the digital application, but can be very much used to solve the real world problems.

Prabir Mishra is the Co-founder and CEO of TRST101, a multi-chain blockchain platform that provides blockchain solutions on Agri & Food Traceability, Connected Supply Chain, Document Identity and Authentication.

In this episode, we discuss his journey from being an Investment Banker to a Founder of Web3 based platform and how he utilizes NFTs in the Agriculture & Food Industry.

If you are someone who wants to get started in the Web 3.0 space, but is unsure of what business idea to come up with, this episode will help you bring in that clarity.

Video Time Stamps -

00:00 - What's In This Episode?
00:55 - Channel Logo
01:07 - Podcast Intro
01:38 - Welcoming Prabir Mishra
01:54 - About Getting Introduced to Web 3.0
07:42 - Deciding on a NFT Use Case for Business
08:57 - Application of NFT in Farming & Supply Chain
14:32 - NFT Money Going Back to Farmers
16:32 - Farmers Adopting the New Technology
21:15 - How Long Did It Take To Build This Technology?
24:01 - Getting Funds To Build This Web3 Business
25:46 - Choosing The Best Blockchain Platform
27:53 - Fundraising for Web3 Startups vs Web2 Startups
35:45 - Coming Up with the Company Valuation
41:08 - Plan To Go Global?
42:22 - Improvements Needed In Blockchain Technology
44:42 - Message for Founders Wanting To Get Into Web3
47:40 - Conclusion

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