Congratulations on starting up!

Now that you have a product, acquiring B2B customers is a key challenge for you to solve if you have not done this role before!

Sales and Customer relationships are 2 very important traits of any founder that needs cultivation. This can happen only with a combination of mindset and a great attitude towards solving customer's challenges with your solution.

Last decade India witnessed some amazing startups being built and selling to customers globally. For some it was inbound lead generation, for some it was an outbound lead qualification.  In both processes, it is key to navigate the customer through their buying process and build a scalable process along the way so that you can scale with your sales teams and not depend only on the founder!

As a founder or an entrepreneur, it's your job to acquire customers for your business. You need to do it before you hire someone to do it and help you scale the organization.

Sales is one of the toughest challenges to solve in the startup journey, but also very scientific in nature. Given the number of tools today to gather insights, preparation for every prospect meeting is crucial. The difference between making a sale or not!

Remember at the end of every prospecting call - someone is sold! Either customer is sold to buy the product/service or the founder is sold with a "No".

If you don’t have the know-how of the changing landscape of the B2b Sales process, then how will you hire, execute and grow using customer revenue?

And this got us wondering, "What if there is a better way?"

What if startup founders can mitigate risks and reduce the learning curve?

What if startups had the guidance of other founder-mentors to show them the way?

What if there was a network of founders & leaders that you can tag along on this journey?

Do you want to build a repeatable process or a system to find answers for

How to find my early adopters?

How to find the decision-maker in my segment?

how do I hire a Sales team when I have never done sales before?

How should I set targets and achieve revenue goals?

Should I sell to Mid Market or Enterprises?

How do I create a compelling value proposition?

To find some of these common questions that early stage B2b SaaS founders have, we decided to bring together some of the best founders and sales leaders in SaaS, who will share & teach you heir best practices, frameworks and process that led them to build growing teams & companies to help you build a fantastic 2022

Shruti Kapoor - Cofounder - Wingman - Actionable conversation intelligence platform

Sridhar Ranganathan - Cofounder - B2Brain - Account intelligence on autopilot for competitive sales teams

Abhijeet V - Cofounder - Nektar- Connected revenue enablement platform

Anupreet Singh - Director Sales at Slintel

Saurabh P - AVP Sales at

In this cohort, you learn every week and apply the learning every week to make an impact on your sales process as Founder!

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