We all love watching movies. Be it in cinemas or on OTT platforms.

In India, almost 2000 films get made in around 20 languages every year, but not all make it to the big screens or the OTTs.

The reason? The complex process of film ownership & distribution.

But Senthil Nayagam steps in with NFTs as a solution for filmmakers, distributors & presenters and tries to make this process as simple as a breeze.

In this episode of Web3Verse - Senthil Nayagam, Founder of Oracle Movies, a first-ever Film NFT marketplace, sheds some light on how the film business works and how his Web3 startup is making life easy for the film creators & business owners.

He also shows - how if founders adapt to this new technology can open up incredible opportunities in the business world.

If you are a movie lover & also a Web 3.0 enthusiast, this episode will help you understand the possibilities web3 entrepreneurship can open.

Video Time Stamps -

00:00 - What's In This Episode?
00:45 - Channel Logo
00:58 - Podcast Intro
01:38 - Welcoming Senthil Nayagam
01:58 - About his Love for Movies
07:04 - Impact of Lockdown
10:13 - Why NFTs for Movies?
22:52 - Web3 Film Ecosystem at Oracle Movies
31:59 - About Using NFT & Web3 for Film Copyrighting
36:48 - The Market Response for Film NFTs
42:17 - About Choosing a Platform to Build This Technology
46:15 - Fundraising Experience for a Web3 Startup
50:27 - Transitioning from Web2 to Web3 as a Founder
55:31 - Conclusion

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