We at Foundership are looking for a Digital Marketing & Community Intern.  

Is there a mission bigger than starting up? What could that be?

How about helping 1000s of startups succeed?

That's almost a challenging mission but imagine a bit of success in that mission?

How many lives will your work impact?

Your work will impact 1000s of startups and 10,000s of startup team members' careers. Imagine 1000s of founders and startups knowing you for your work.

You will gain deep insights which will shape your decision-making power!

You will work with founders directly hence gaining hands-on experience at the organizational level.

If you enjoy learning and implementing the following things:

  • Grow Startup Ecosystem relationship
  • Collect High-value resources and tools for Startups
  • Launch Community initiatives
  • Amplify social media creative text & video contents
  • Manage marketing channels
  • Implement marketing campaigns
  • Plan & Execute Events

You are a great fit if you have:

  • You have empathy for doers irrespective of their pedigree, demography and success or failure
  • An excellent communicator, especially as a writer
  • A self-starter having the patience and passion for learning multiple things and executing
  • Knowledge of content marketing and video making
  • Ability to distill, simplify, and communicate
  • Networking skill
About 90% of startups fail. 5% of startups get funded. 10% of startups fail within the first year. Our mission at Foundership is to increase the success of startups.

This is a dream role and high-worth mission. Want to apply?

Please reach out to we@foundershiphq.com with a video pitch - a summary of your skill, any past work samples you see fit, and a note about why you're interested in this role.