2021 has been a blissful year to have got an opportunity to work with Idea to Seed-stage founders and be with them as they shape their journey.

Foundership’s 2021 in Numbers

  • Coached 125 Startups
  • Added 55 Founders & Leaders as Coaches
  • Hosted 8 Cohorts for Startups
  • Hosted Office Hours for 50+ Founders
  • Hosted 20+ Events for Founders
  • Started First Seed Acceleration Program with 7 Startups in the first cohort
  • 1 Startup got an exit and the founders (& we) are super happy about it
  • The Community grew to 1000+ Founders (across the community and social media) added to Foundership in 2021. We had served ~200 Founders in the year 2020 during probono mentoring and Sales coaching for Founders
  • Partnerships drive over $100,000 + in software credits for Startups
  • We coached Founders in B2B, B2C, D2C in Creator economy, Healthcare, Fintech, Community Tech, AgriTech, e-commerce, Logistics and Cloud Ops
  • We partnered with 20+ organizations such AWS, Twilio, Outseta, Freshworks and more
  • We're super thankful to many founders & leaders (https://foundershiphq.com/founders-leaders) who coached startups in various programs

Foundership’s 2021

As it happened during 2021....

January 2021

We launched our first Website. ✅

We announced an experiment cohort - 30 Day Challenge - We will solve your Startup challenges.

We got 89 applications. 😀

Feb 2021 - June 2021

From Feb to June 2021, we ran the 30 Day Challenge Cohort to help 36 Startups. We got an NPS score of 91+. 💕

See Foundership's Wall of Love 👉 https://www.foundershiphq.com/testimonials

We picked the new Brand Name: Foundership. We registered FOUNDERSHIP as a company.

We had amazing feedback sessions to plan the future roadmap for Foundership.

We’re thankful for: 🙏

Konark Singhal (Founder, MountBlue)

Abhishek Rungta (Founder, IndusNet)

Pankaj Jain (Operator, advisor, investor,  Startups)

Arvind Pani (Founder, Reverie Language Technologies)

Deepak Abbot (Co-Founder, IndiaGold)

Rahul Chowdhri ( Partner, Stellaris Venture Partners)

Adith Podhar (Founder, Gemba Capital)

Sumanth Raghavendra (Co-founder, Presentation.ai, The Ken)

Shachin Bharadwaj (Co-Founder, Markk)

Shashikiran Rao (Co-Founder, Draper Startup House)

Srinath Sridharan (Fellow of Institute of Directors)

and a few more

July 2021

We announced  Seed Acceleration Program to help seed-stage startups develop products, grow revenue and secure funding. We got 116 applications! 😱


August 2021

We confirmed 6 startups for the Seed Acceleration Program. This is from 116 applications. 👣

We started the first Seed Acceleration Cohort.

43+ founders, leaders, angels and VCs joined our inauguration event. We got a fantastic appreciation for launching this. 💜

Sept 2021

Announced new cohort program: Build Side Project with NoCode. 👩‍💻

We got 550+ applications to join the Side Project with the NoCode cohort.

We curated 39 to kickstart our first NoCode Cohort. ✅

We kickstarted GTM for India #HealthTech Cohort. We kept the cohort as a small pilot, to begin with. 🏥

Listen to Priyank Thakkar as he shares his experience from the GTM Healthcare Cohort #1 with Foundership GTM4Health https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6884017409200652288/

October 2021

We partnered with 20+ organizations such AWS, Twilio, Outseta, Freshworks and more to bring their products and services to help our startups. 🤝 We keep tweeting about it https://twitter.com/FoundershipHQ/status/1451476012299132928

Launched Podcast Signals & Levers - By Foundership. https://anchor.fm/foundershiphq

November 2021

We kickstarted NoCode Cohort 2 to coach 30 founders to build an Idea to MVP.

We launched a new Community Platform. 🙌

We added an incredible Product Manager to our team.

One of our Startups hits 50% m-o-m growth.

We got our first team members from Pune.

December 2021

One of our Portfolio startups got an exit. Superpage got acquired by APPX (YC21)🌐. Srivatsa writes here: https://twitter.com/srivatsamudumby/status/1472994423873015810

We announced Web3 Cohort and started accepting applications.

We are grateful for all the trust by Startups to join our Programs and give us the opportunity to support their journey. 🙌

We are also thankful to incredible Founders & Leaders for their support in coaching, office hours and being part of cohort programs. 🙇🏻

Foundership’s 2022 and onwards journey will be a very interesting and contributing moment for the Startup fraternity. 😇

Thank you!