Who's your Cofounder?

That's the first question you will hear the maximum number of times as a Startup founder.
You can always start solo or be a solo founder.
But your chances to succeed are higher with a 'right' cofounder.
You can fail with a cofounder the same way you can fail alone.
Co-founder > Solo

But how do you find a cofounder?

You can't quick-fix a cofounder, it is almost like finding a spouse and if values don't match, you are gone.
You don't always have to find a cofounder from childhood, school, college or even past workplace; if they are there, you will know it.
If not, your best option is to meet folks in professional communities like at meetups, round tables and events.
But it will take time before you can zero on someone.
You can't simply rush.
You can't find it on social media in passive mode.
You can't just wish.
You have to pursue it actively.

Fiding a cofounder is more challenging if you are venturing to build a Web3 project/startup.

We at Foundership wanted to facilitate the cofounder search.

We will host a virtual networking and mixer event every month where you can network, mingle, and connect with like-minded people looking for cofounders!

Join us to locate cofounder (s) for your Web3 Project journey.👇

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What's Foundership?

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