Draper Startup House and Foundership have come together to curate India's first 30-day hands-on Execution-based Acceleration Program for Startups by Founders with Zero Equity.

Why are we launching this micro-accelerator programs?

India has seen amazing startups in the likes of Swiggy, Zomato, Flipkart, Ola, Yulu, Dream 11, Freshworks, CRED, and many more come out of the startup ecosystems in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kochi. We have seen accelerators and incubators do an amazing job in helping startups mentor and raise funding. However, the essence of getting hands-on with the founders to help them with their sales, product growth, or finding the right problems of their customers in their initial stages is still overlooked.

Our team of founders has combined 200 years of experience in product growth, community building, ecosystem development, sales, fundraising, and innovation in the fields of B2C, B2B, B2B2C, and SaaS.

We are founders ourselves, some of us, old fools that are here since 2007, much before India woke up to the 'Startup Trend.' We built companies for more than a decade and went through the real grind with the lack of an ecosystem and support when it wasn't so "cool."

Program Benefits

About Draper Startup House -https://draperstartuphouse.com/

Draper Startup House is a global network of Hostels and coworking spaces focused on enabling, empowering, and inspiring entrepreneurs globally. Our locations all have co-working space, entrepreneurial-focused events, and workshops as well as Startup Educational courses running throughout the year. We also provide the opportunity for your startup or business to gain access to local capital and the 23 Global funds in the Draper Venture Network.

About Foundership Accelerator -http://foundershiphq.com/

Strategy is great, but Execution is the real engine for Startup Growth.

Foundership Accelerator is an execution-focused seed-stage/growth-stage startup accelerator for companies with revenue less than USD 1Mn. We take a hands-on approach to execution across product development, customer discovery, marketing, and finally sales.

It was Started in 2020 by veteran entrepreneurs like Santosh Panda from Explara (Also ran Grittiest - a probono mentoring platform for Tier 2 and Tier 3 founders), Bimlesh Gundurao from PitchCamp which helps founders perfect their sales and investor pitch (Previously, Bimlesh had launched PharmEazy - India's first connected healthcare, connecting Pharmacies, Patients, Doctors, and Pharma Distributors).

We would help founders make the key decisions about their ventures, by helping founders understand the implications of each decision to their long-term missions. To help founders increase their odds of success by working with them in executing their weekly challenges

Launching First Cohort in May 2021

We are launching the first cohort in collaboration with Draper Startup House India in May 2021.