With 0xCamp Bengaluru - An instant hit, we're announcing 0xCamp across major cities in India and opening 0xCamp Global.

In case you have missed out on following our updates...

What's 0xCamp?

0xCamp - Launch Web3 Startup.

0xCamp is a 3-week program to Launch your Web3 Startup. Whether you are in the idea stage or just started building, 0xCamp is for you.

We host the 0xCamp program with masterclasses by Top Web3 Coaches in your city for 1-day and the remaining 3-week on virtual sessions.

0xCamp enables you to find the right direction and opportunities for your Web3 startup.

Right Direction: Technology, Market, Early Customer Segments and more

Based on 3-week work & conversation during 0xCamp, Foundership & CoachDAO will select the top Web3 teams to join the 6-month LaunchCamp program.

How was 0xCamp Bengaluru?

  • We received 71 Web3 Teams applications.
  • As a result, we invited 34 teams to the 0xCamp IRL Masterclasses.
  • We had Coaches reviewing Web3 Teams to select for the remaining 0xCamp IVL sessions.
  • CoachDAO selected 18 teams to join the 3-week IVL Cohort.
  • Currently, 3-week IVL Cohort is at full speed.

Web3 Teams have a huge appreciation for how the 0xCamp has been structured. Our partners: Polygon, Arcana and OnMeta loved the format! 0xCamp Bengaluru validated our plan to serve more.

Launching 0xCamp All India + 0xCamp Global

We will be taking 0xCamps to many cities across India such as 

-NCR: 30th July 2022
-Chennai: 10th August
-Mumbai & Pune: 20th August
-Hyderabad: 10th September
-0xCamp Global: 17th September onwards

How 0xCamp Global?

Several Web3 Teams in the idea /early product development stage applied for 0xCamp from the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, and more

We also got several applications from many 2nd and 3rd-tier cities in India.

We believe the best teams are there in every city and the world should see 1000s of Web3 companies being built from 100s of cities and not just concentrate in a few cities.

If you have a Web3 idea or have just started building it, we're coming to you with 0xCamp Global. A fully 3-week IVL program for Web3 teams anywhere in the world.

Launch your Web3 Idea to a Startup: 👇

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What our Web3 Startup Teams say about 0xCamp

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What our Coaches say about 0xCamp

Our Partners

We’re thankful to our partners for activating the Web3 movement to help more Founders to launch Web3 Startups.🙏

Polygon Technology
Arcana Network

We're thankful to our community partners for joining in the mission to enable 1000s of Web3 Founders to Launch Web3 Startups. 🤝

eChai Ventures

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Whether you are in the idea stage or just started building, 0xCamp is for you.

Apply for upcoming 0xCamps All Indian Cities.
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